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A sincere interest in outreach, science communication, and diversity/inclusion is important for prospective lab members at any career level. We explicitly consider interest in or evidence of this commitment as part of the recruitment and evaluation process for our lab. After joining the lab, you will have multiple opportunities to participate in our ongoing broader impacts activities. Lab members also receive training (and support and encouragement from everyone in the lab!) on how to design, lead, and assess the effectiveness of new activities associated with their independent projects. Please see our Outreach page for descriptions of some of our activities!



Our lab does not currently have any open postdoc positions, although this could change over the next year. For exceptional candidates whose skills and interests are aligned with our lab's major project areas, I would consider working together on a postdoc fellowship application that could support your position in our lab regardless. Please contact me via email if you would like to discuss this possibility.

Graduate students

I do not anticipate openings in our lab for students considering graduate school for Fall 2020 admission. However, if you are interested in graduate school with a Fall 2021 admission date, I would be happy to discuss PhD student training opportunities in several different potential areas. 1. Developing functional genomics and experimental projects with human parasites in order to study parasite-human co-evolutionary history (for a review on some of the potential of this area of research, see here). Your background for working in this area could be in Anthropology, Biology, Microbiology, Parasitology, or any other relevant discipline. 2. The long-term ecological and evolutionary implications of human-environment interactions (here is a review on this area of research). 3. Human/ non-human primate evolutionary genomics, including functional and experimental work with induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs).

Here is a (now slightly outdated) flyer highlighting our top-ranked Anthropology graduate program at Penn State; I can also admit students through our excellent Biology program, and through Penn State's interdisciplinary Ecology and Bioinformatics & Genomics programs. Students studying parasite-human co-evolutionary history could also be members of Penn State's vibrant, interdisciplinary Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics. Please contact me via email to discuss further.


We enjoy having undergraduate student participants in our research laboratory. Our lab is interdisciplinary, so any PSU major is welcome. Most accepted undergraduates have been interested in ultimately leading their own research project after a training period; doing so requires a major commitment and independent drive (note that for most projects you would need to develop computer science and bioinformatics skills), but can result in an exceptional experience. Several of these projects have resulted in first-author publications for our undergraduate researchers - for example Thompson et al.Vukelic et al., and Evanitsky et al. - and undergraduate students have co-authored many of our other papers. We also sometimes have specific opportunities for students to work directly with a graduate student or postdoc on an experimental portion of their project (see here for the description of one recent opportunity). See our People page for descriptions of the research projects of current and previous undergraduate lab members. If you are interested in joining our lab as an undergraduate researcher, please carefully complete this online form describing your background and interest.