Graduate students

For students considering graduate school for Fall 2017 admission, I would be happy to discuss potential PhD student training opportunities in my laboratory. I am looking to admit at least one student who is interested in developing functional genomics and experimental projects with human parasites in order to study parasite-human co-evolutionary history (for a review on some of the potential of this area of research, see here). This student's background could be in Anthropology, Biology, Microbiology, Parasitology, or any other relevant discipline. In addition, opportunities for students interested in human/ non-human primate genomics and the ecological and evolutionary impacts of human-environment interactions are also available. Here is a flyer highlighting our top-ranked Anthropology graduate program at Penn State; I can also admit students through our excellent Biology, Ecology, and Bioinformatics & Genomics programs. Students studying parasite-human co-evolutionary history could also be members of Penn State's vibrant, interdisciplinary Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics. Please contact me via email.